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Carpet Cleaning


There are many reasons to have your carpets cleaned, from removal of stains, soiling and allergens, to general fresh and deodourisation.  We have a variety of methods for cleaning carpets including a truck mounted carpet cleaner allowing for a deeper clean with better results and faster drying times, to rotary systems for low profile carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning


Using a variety of products designed for different upholstery materials including leather our cleaning methods can remove the vast majority of staining, clean and deodourise soft furnishings.

Stain Removal and Protection


Using a wide variety of stain specific products to maximise the chances of removing most staining.  We also offer a stain guarding service for carpets and upholstery which helps to lessen staining and makes stain removal easier by protecting the fibres.


Hard Floor strip, clean and reseal


Cleaning, stripping and resealing of all types of hard flooring including, wood, stone, tile and vinyl.



We offer a range of deodourisation services to eliminate and remove odours from properties and furnishings ranging from pet odours, food and general unpleasant odours.


Insect Eradication


There are many insects and other biological agents that can affect the wear and fibres of carpets and other furnishings including carpet moth, fleas, bedbugs and bird mites.  These insects can infest carpets, upholstery curtains and beddings, we offer an array of treatments to eradicate these insects to prevent further damage to both furnishings and client


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